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Potential Stream Mitigation Sites


Mitigation Bank 2

As part of a Tennessee Department of Transportation Request for Proposal for the sale of stream and wetland mitigation credits, Tioga was tasked by the project engineer, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., to provide a complete delineation of all waters of the U.S. and State of Tennessee on seven parcels throughout east and west Tennessee.  Tioga’s natural resource scientists performed onsite delineations of the parcels, marking the extent of jurisdictional streams, wetlands, and State of Tennessee wet weather conveyances with specific emphasis on site hydrology and stream quality evaluations.  All work was performed as per US Army Corps of Engineers and State of Tennessee regulations and guidance.  The evaluations were combined with the engineer’s hydrological analyses to determine site suitability for mitigation and credit banking.

Mitigation Bank 1

The sites were all former and current croplands and grazing agricultural properties, with historical alterations to their hydrology including ditching, channelization, and drain tiling to enhance agricultural production.  Site topographies ranged from the low floodplains of west Tennessee to high mountain valleys in the Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee.

Tioga provided preliminary jurisdictional determination packages for each site detailing site soils, vegetation, hydrology and delineation methodology as well as mapping and field documentation of all delineated features.