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Watermark Residential (Watermark) is a multifamily development and residential management company based in Indianapolis, IN.  As part of its due diligence while considering a new apartment complex in Memphis, TN, Watermark contracted Tioga to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on approximately 14.56 acres of historically agricultural property.  During the Phase I, Tioga identified potential jurisdictional waters on the site.  Watermark authorized Tioga to complete a delineation of the onsite features and obtain Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and US Army Corps of Engineers concurrence for the site.  Tioga also completed State Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP) permitting for impacts to a water conveyance onsite.

Watermark Resized Smalest

Subsequent to this initial work, Watermark was informed by the City of Memphis that its proposed development would require installation of a regional stormwater detention pond.  As part of the design process for this facility, Watermark contracted Tioga to provide additional delineation services on an adjacent southern parcel.  Tioga identified numerous streams, wetlands, and other jurisdictional wet weather conveyances on the property and obtained concurrence for the delineation from State and Federal agencies.  Based on engineering design of the retention system provided by Watermark, Tioga conceptually designed mitigation alternatives for impacts to the onsite jurisdictional features and provided a report of onsite and offsite mitigation alternatives, costs, and timelines to Watermark.

The project is ongoing.