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Wolf River Greenway 1


Spanning approximately 15 miles, the Wolf River Greenway is an area of protected green space adjacent to the Wolf River. This “green line” is sponsored by the City of Memphis Division of Parks Services and the Wolf River Conservancy and is proposed to serve as a multi-use trail for bikers, runners and walkers to enjoy the outdoors. This project consists of multiple phases along approximately 14 segments spanning 36 miles and is expected to be completed by 2020. Since 2007, two sections of the Greenway have been completed. The first section, from Walnut Grove Road to Shady Grove Road, was finished in 2010, and the second, completed in August of 2012, continues from Shady Grove Road to the city limits of Germantown.

Wolf River Greenway 2

The project engineer, Tetra Tech, Inc., enlisted Tioga on July 28, 2015, to provide a complete delineation of all jurisdictional waters located within the Greenway that are regulated by the U.S. and the State of Tennessee.

“Tioga is efficient and always produces what we need on time. They are patient with us and an important part of our process,” said Project Manager Douglas Dietz.

Working under the regulations and guidelines of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Tennessee, Tioga’s wetland scientists, Ben Day and Will Gray, performed on-site delineations of the proposed Greenway path and noted the extent of jurisdictional streams, wetlands and State of Tennessee wet weather conveyances within a 70-foot easement of a proposed centerline for the path.

Wolf River Greenway 4

After inspecting the site, Tioga provided Tetra Tech with a concurrence package detailing site soils, vegetation, hydrology and delineation methodology. Mapping and field documentation of all delineated features were provided as well. For the areas that are impacted by the State of Tennessee jurisdiction, Tioga provided Wet Weather Conveyance reports of the features identified so far.

“We work with Tioga frequently, and their quality of service is always good. This is why we continually ask them to be a part of our team,” Dietz said.

Tioga continues to serve as a wetlands specialist on this ongoing project.