Identifying the right solution is all about understanding the problem. So expect us to bring a high degree of attention to your expectations, as well as respect for your budget. Experience tells us that you’ll save money when we match our resources specifically to your need. 

Once the assignment’s made clear, you’ll get a defined schedule, a proposed fee and an exemplary level of cooperation on the expected outcome.


  • Regulatory ComplianceTioga’s regulatory specialists are quite accustomed to working in highly regulated industries and are routinely involved with all areas of environmental compliance. Think of us as your highly trained EHS Manager down the hall. [Learn More.]
  • Environmental Assessments: Our environmental professionals offer extensive experience in conducting assessments on all types of properties using the Phase I and II ASTM Standards or in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). [Learn More.]
  • Remediation: If you have identified contamination at your property and are unsure how to proceed, team with Tioga to determine your path. [Learn More.]
  • Hazardous Building Materials: Whether you are looking to buy a property, preparing for a renovation or demolishing a building, a hazardous building materials assessment can give you the critical information you need ahead of time. [Learn More.]
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety: Tioga offers industrial hygiene monitoring, indoor air quality sampling, safety program development and/or evaluation, and mold testing. Our specialists are trained to observe and assess so we can help you determine an ideal solution. [Learn More.]
  • Natural Resources: Tioga provides wetlands and waters of the U.S. delineations and threatened and endangered species assessments. We can model the noise and air impacts of a project and design erosion control measures for construction projects. [Learn More.]