911 Center Renovation

911 Center Renovation


Tioga was tasked by Fleming Architects with preparing an asbestos abatement design plan for a renovation taking place at 79 South Flicker Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  Because this building houses the Memphis Fire Department’s 911 Center, it would need to be staffed during the asbestos abatement and subsequent renovation requiring all work to be performed in phases.  Using an existing survey, Tioga performed a site visit of the property to verify the materials and quantities listed in the existing survey and to develop a scope of work for the abatement process.

Tioga attended pre-bid meetings to help answer asbestos abatement design questions and perform walkthroughs with the abatement contractors.  When two materials were found during the walkthrough that were not a part of the survey, a Tioga representative took samples of the materials and had them analyzed before bidding began.

Flicker Temp

As a consultant to Fleming Architects, Tioga reviewed the contractor abatement submittals and made corrections to stay within the scope of work.  Tioga also attended pre-work meetings with the contractor and architects to ensure the safety of the employees in and near the work area and to confirm the work performed meets regulatory standards.  During the abatement phase, containments and temporary walls were constructed to prevent an asbestos airborne release.  Tioga is performing an inspection off all containments, temporary walls, and glove bags prior to the commencement of  abatement to ensure the structural integrity of the containments and walls and to observe proper work practices when using glove bags.