American Snuff Property

American Snuff Property

Voluntary Clean-up, OVersight, and Assistance Program

Tioga began consulting with the developers of the American Snuff property after a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment had been performed and the property had been entered into the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Voluntary Clean-up, Oversight, and Assistance Program (VOAP). Due to the relative lack of analytical data at the property, Tioga performed two sub-slab vapor assessments and a surficial soil assessment at the property.

After sufficient data was collected to satisfy TDEC, Tioga drafted a Vapor Management Plan which included the installation of vapor barriers, a sub-slab depressurization system, and a sub-membrane crawlspace depressurization system. Additionally, Tioga drafted a Soil Management Plan to ensure worker safety during construction and renovation and to serve as a guideline for future construction in which contact with surficial soils may be needed. During construction, Tioga oversees installation of TDEC approved vapor mitigation systems and ensures that all soil and wastewater removed from the property are disposed properly. Tioga also acts as an “on-call” environmental consultant in the event a suspect environmental issue is identified by contractors which could potentially cause a risk from exposure to contamination.

Currently, Tioga is assisting in the drafting of the Brownfield Voluntary Agreement and the Notice of Land Use Restrictions required for completion of the TDEC VOAP. After installation of the vapor mitigation systems, Tioga will perform confirmation sampling events to assess the effectiveness of mitigation at the property and ensure the proper function of the depressurization systems.

In addition to the above activities, Tioga personnel supervised the proper demolition and disposal of two aboveground storage tanks and two boilers, provided oversight for the abatement of asbestos at the property, and performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.