Church Renovation

Church Renovation

Church Reno 1

A2H, Inc., a Memphis-based architecture, engineering and planning firm, was tasked with designing the rehabilitation of the HVAC system of a more than 40-year-old church. Tioga mobilized along with A2H to perform the site inspection of the church and identify whether asbestos or the presence of mold could impact the potential costs of the renovation.

Tioga asbestos inspectors collected nearly 50 samples of 16 different suspect asbestos-containing materials that would be potentially impacted. Of these materials, eight (including ceiling texture and HVAC components) tested positive for asbestos. Tioga recommended that prior to the HVAC renovation, the asbestos-containing materials that would be impacted be abated by a licensed contractor.

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Tioga’s indoor air quality specialist examined the immediate area around the air handlers and duct work, along with other areas of concern identified by the church, and determined that each of the six utility rooms containing HVAC units had evidence of past water intrusion and most had visible water damage and suspected mold growth on walls and ceilings. Sample results identified significant levels of microbial growth in several areas. Tioga recommended the remediation of mold-impacted areas be performed prior to equipment removal and that precautions be taken to protect workers and occupants during the removal of other HVAC equipment, including ductwork.