Middle Fork Forked Deer

Middle Fork Forked Deer


The State of Tennessee has acquired approximately 1,000 acres of agricultural property along the Middle Fork Forked Deer River (MFFD) in north Madison County, Tennessee, for the purpose of establishing the Forked Deer River Floodplain and Waterway Restoration project. The project is intended to create recreational opportunities for residents while returning the site to a more natural state by implementing Natural Channel Design (NCD) to portions of the MFFD and its tributaries.


Tioga was tasked by the project engineer, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., to provide a complete delineation of all waters of the U.S. and State of Tennessee and to assess critical habitat for listed threatened and endangered species in the project area. Tioga’s natural resource scientists coordinated with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and various state agencies to establish potentially listed species in the area and performed on-site delineations of the on-site woodlands and croplands, marking the extent of jurisdictional streams, wetlands and State of Tennessee wet weather conveyances and noting potential critical habitat. All work was performed as per U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and State of Tennessee regulations and guidance. 


Tioga provided a preliminary jurisdictional determination package to Kimley-Horn detailing site soils, vegetation, hydrology and delineation methodology, as well as mapping and field documentation of all delineated features. Tioga additionally provided a Habitat Assessment Report identifying the potential species and critical habitat on-site. The project is ongoing.