Regional Oil Company

Regional Oil Company


When a release was discovered at the regional oil company’s facility in northern Arkansas, Tioga was called upon for emergency assessment services.  A representative of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality discovered an open valve at an aboveground storage tank containment structure and Tioga staff was on-site within 4 hours of the client’s notification from the state.  After an initial assessment and preliminary soil sampling, Tioga prepared an Initial Response Report to direct the response actions and officially report the event to ADEQ.

 Tioga staff developed a Remedial Action Plan to include the removal and disposal of contaminated gravel and soil.  The plan provided screening directives for nearby swales that were ultimately included in the remediation project and gave instructions for cleaning of the containment structure and disposal of any contaminated media.

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During remediation, Tioga staff provided oversight and confirmatory sampling to ensure that the State of Arkansas’ objectives were met.  The excavation occurred over the course of two weeks and regular coordination with ADEQ occurred.  At completion, confirmatory samples were obtained and analyzed for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, with a subset analyses for diesel range organics.

 An Initial Site Characterization Report was prepared describing the on-site remediation efforts, containment cleaning, future inspection schedule, operating procedures, site security and the results of all confirmatory sampling.  Tioga submitted this report to the client for submittal to ADEQ.